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Two million fatality free shifts
Murray & Roberts Cementation achieved a major milestone when the company recorded two million fatality free shifts on August 12, 2006. This is the first instance where a mining contractor has achieved a second consecutive million fatality free shifts in the mining industry in South Africa.

The largest diameter shaft raisebored in the world
Murray & Roberts Cementation beat its own world record for the largest shaft ever raisebored by a full metre when it completed the raiseboring of three 7.1 metre diameter shafts at Sasol Mining’s Middelbult and Bosjesspruit Mines in 2002.

The deepest single-drop shaft sink in the world
Murray & Roberts Cementation was responsible for sinking a 9 metre diameter shaft to 2991 metres below collar at South Deep near Westonaria, and equipping it with 7700 tons of steel. One of the design features of this shaft is an internal suspended tower 385 meters long which isolates the conveyance guides from future shaft movement in the vicinity of the ore body.

First stall and pillar mechanised platinum toll mining contract in South Africa
The company entered into a landmark contract with Aquarius Platinum to toll mine the shallow platinum ore body at Kroondal in 1999. Production reached 100 kt per month within thirteen months of site establishment. Seven years on and the project has increased in size to 600 kt per month.