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Risk Management

Murray & Roberts Cementation makes use of the Murray & Roberts Group Risk Management Framework.

We want to cultivate a sustainable continuous risk management culture throughout the organisation, empowering all people to respond with activities enabling them to predict, prevent and control adverse incidents and events. We believe continuous risk management to be an innovative approach in managing the safety of our people and the safety of our business.

Our strategy is to integrate risk management and the ISO management systems within the routine strategic and operational decision making processes. A process approach is preferred and all PAS99 requirements are integrated within our business processes.

SHEQ risks are perceived, identified, assessed and addressed as business risks and managed within an integrated risk reduction programme (ALARP – As low as reasonably practicable).

A further aim of the strategy is the integration of effective continuous risk management within operations for learning and continuous improvement.

Organisational culture is the key to the learning process. Our strategy aims to create the conditions in which an informal risk culture can be enhanced through disciplined structures and plans.

Our business takes on risk, which should not be considered as risks belonging to individuals or departments. Risks belong to everyone within Murray & Roberts Cementation, which includes all employees and our sub-contractors who have a responsibility to actively mitigate any hazard or risk that could endanger their or their co-worker’s safety, and extends to any loss to the company.

Fundamental to success is that risk management must be accepted as our line management’s responsibility. All managers, supervisors and employees must take action to identify, assess and resolve any risk issues affecting their work or our client’s project.

It is important to us that managers motivate their staff to identify and report hazards and risks, and that our managers react pro-actively and decisively. This responsibility is inherent in performance appraisal and must continuously be supported by professional, expert advice and training, education and development opportunities delivered by our Risk Department.

Risk management has fully evolved in Murray & Roberts Cementation from a back office function to a CEO-level concern. The CEO believes that risk management should be imbedded in every part of the organization. He sponsors the risk management process.