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Our approach to environmental management is incorporated in our Sustainability Policy, which states that our people and others impacted by our activities are entitled to a safe, healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

This pro-active approach would ensure that we:

  • Achieve our goal of zero accidents
  • Continually improve safety performance in pursuit of zero harm
  • Develop and maintain a desired business culture through education, training, systems and behaviour modification
  • Uphold the STOP.THINK.ACT.24/7 Bill of Rights afforded to all Murray & Roberts Cementation employees
  • Identify, assess and manage risks to our employees, our subcontractors and the environment we operate in
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and other requirements and the safety, health and environmental standards, policies and procedures set by Murray & Roberts Cementation and our clients
  • Adopt industry best practices to improve safety, health, environment and quality systems
  • Promote the efficient use of resources and reduce and/or prevent pollution in support of the global climate change agenda Communicate the objectives of this Policy, the STOP.THINK.ACT.24/7 Bill of Rights, the Murray & Roberts Cementation standards, protocols and STOP.THINK.ACT.24/7 Rules to all employees, suppliers and subcontractors and make all aware of their individual rights and obligations
  • Define accountability and responsibility in order to monitor performance against set safety, health, environment and quality objectives with the intention of continual improvement
  • Provide the necessary resources to enable implementation of this Policy, and
  • Periodically review the relevance and appropriateness of this Policy.

In addition, we adhere to our Policies & Procedures contained within our electronic library which forms the minimum requirement for compliance by our employees.

Murray & Roberts Cementation strives to consistently provide all products and services in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements and relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

  • The company recognizes that an important aspect and objective of this is the management and preservation of the natural environment in line with both the company’s and our client’s legal and moral obligations to it. This management shall be undertaken through planning and controlling the managerial, technical and safety aspects and verifying that the outcomes of the planning and control activities have been successful.
  • The company also aims to achieve sound management practices by having a comprehensive impacts and aspects assessment, a properly managed Environmental Management Plan and by ensuring that all relevant staff members are suitably trained and educated.
  • All employees of Murray & Roberts Cementation are morally responsible for the environment, however all relevant persons are required to comply with the Environmental Management Plan as outlined in the Environmental Management Manual. All employees are made aware of the Environmental Management requirements by having access to our business management system.