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Murray & Roberts Client Service was established in 2003 to facilitate a rapid and comprehensive response to all internal and external queries relating to any aspect of the Group's worldwide operations...
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Value Proposition

As a world class mining contractor, Murray & Roberts Cementation offers a unique value offering to its markets.

bulletStrong strategic relationships that will make us the first choice for Mining Companies,
               from upfront design to construction.

bulletProvide a focused range of service offerings to our clients

      bulletGlobal underground mine infrastructure design-build contractor

      bulletSpecialist underground contract miner (build/operate)

bulletAdding Value to our clients through operational excellence

      bulletUnique offering

             bulletSkills base provides flexibility for mining clients

             bulletCore world class mining technologies with globally deployable strategic equipment


             bulletSuperior project delivery with strong safety record

            bulletDesign capability that ensures constructability

      bulletWorld class implementer

            bulletUnderstanding nature of client business and needs

             bulletLeveraging of knowledge/experience for client solutions/problem solving

            bulletIntegrated operational risk management systems